Introducing Angela Garcia Maraver, new Industrial & Marine Director of Nederlandse Radiateuren Fabriek (NRF)

With a background in academic research and teaching, in fields relating to thermodynamics and combustion kinetics, Angela Garcia Maraver can be described as having a curious nature, essential for growth in a technical environment.


With extensive experience in innovative engineering, product development, and product development management, she considered the why and the how of each product and is committed to facilitating the development of added value products, with a long shelf life.

Having joined NRF in September 2021 as a head of product engineering, she was then elected to an internal ‘Transformational Leadership’ training program. She is also an autodidact, with a strong drive to take on challenges, and develop her skills. Her basic philosophy? ‘I like to treat people with respect, empathy, and acceptance, just as I like to be treated’, she explains.

In addition to taking on the responsibility for Quality, Engineering, all the sales lines for Marine, Rail and industrial, as both Original Equipment & AfterMarket, and overseeing production entities in Poland, Spain, and the Netherlands, she looks forward to leading a team that interacts with customers, listens to their unique needs and understands the market.

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, stakeholders across the industry have had time to reflect on their business and technological needs, in the face of future challenges. ‘The market is moving towards more sustainable solutions, and we need not only to promote but also to push in that right direction’, stated Garcia Maraver.

From the environmental aspect of sustainability, the change in terms of power sources and the new regulatory thresholds will have an impact on marine cooling needs and the anti-fouling technologies applied, which will affect the box cooler design and operating conditions. Product invented, patented and in continuous development by NRF.

‘We are not putting products in the market, but solutions to meet customers’ real needs and adapt to market demands.’ Technical understanding, a customer-centric approach, and a zest for life can be expected from this new NRF Industrial & Marine Director.